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What is FrontDesk Booking?

FrontDesk Booking is a powerful online booking software for users operating within the accommodation industry. Allow your guests to check your room availability and to book with you online. FrontDesk Booking is ideal for Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, RV Parks, Cabin rentals, Lodges, Apartment/Condo Rentals, and much more.

How does it work?

Click the Start icon and create a FREE trial account. After your account has been created, simply add your room inventory, set up your rates and begin selling your rooms from your website. FrontDesk Booking comes with all the features you need to manage your business and it’s priced perfectly.

How do I add the booking page to my website?

Once your account is set up and functional, we'll provide you with a secure URL along with instructions on how to add the booking page to your very own website. FrontDesk Booking integrates seamlessly on every website. Once added to your website, the booking page will look and feel like your website. Your guests can check availability and perform live bookings online, 24/7 with no restrictions.

Can I still take manual bookings (Walk-ins/Telephone, etc.)?

FrontDesk Booking has a backend management portal that lets you create ad-hoc manual bookings that you may receive through telephone, email, walk-ins, etc. Create as many staff accounts as necessary with each staff user having their own login to the management portal.

Does FrontDesk Booking support seasonal operators?

Yes, FrontDesk Booking allows you to control what rooms you sell and what rooms you want to blackout or disable. On the disable screen, simply select your season start date followed by the end date and check apply to all, then save. The software will now only accept bookings within the time frame you entered. If you wish to blackout a particular room or category for maintenance, perform the same steps but choose a particular room or category to disable.

Can the software send email notifications?

Yes, detailed email notifications are sent to both you and your guests for every booking that's created. This keeps you up-to-date on every booking performed.

What type of flexibility is offered for room pricing?

Inventory pricing can be performed at a room level, category level, or you can simply create one price and apply to all rooms and categories. If you need more advanced pricing, you can configure optional weekend pricing, minimal stay pricing, and enforced long weekend special pricing. This pricing model allows for great flexibility from a simple to advanced pricing.

How does support work?

FrontDesk Booking provides FREE technical support to all its customers. If you encounter an issue, log in to your management portal and create a support ticket. Our technical staff member will connect with you to resolve your issue.

Does FrontDesk Booking integrate to Expedia?

Yes, FrontDesk Booking has an optional plugin called "Expedia Channel Manager" that allows you to keep all your bookings and availability in-sync. This saves a lot of time and confusion. If a booking is made by a client on Expedia, that booking will be automatically reflected on the FrontDesk Booking software. Availability for the reservation made will also be automatically reflected on the software.

How does the software handle payments and deposits?

FrontDesk Booking is a PCI compliant credit card solution, meaning it’s secure and follows credit card processing standards. Both payments and deposits can be taken within FrontDesk Booking. Deposits can be in the form of any amount or percentage and will automatically be collected as part of the booking process, and money will automatically be deposited to your bank account. Payments can be managed within FrontDesk Booking or using your own POS. The Flexibility is there to offer whatever payment methods you require.

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